Central Aroostook ARC Established in 1959
"Making a difference for people with developmental disabilities"

Appreciation Event For Long-Term Employees

Every organization knows how valuable long-term employees can be. Central Aroostook ARC itself has found that it hasappreciation-plaque
Recognition Plaque
a handful of individuals who have dedicated 20 or more years to the agency, and the Board of Directors decided to officially recognize these workers.

On June 21, the agency is holding a company-wide barbeque during which the Board of Directors will present the honored employees, past and present, with their gifts and will unveil the 20-Year Employee Recognition plaque that stands in front of the main agency location on Lombard Street.

Also, a young maple has been planted on behalf of each individual recognized as a Valued Long-Term Employee, and each individual will also receive an appreciation gift from the association.
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