Central Aroostook ARC Established in 1959
"Making a difference for people with developmental disabilities"

Association Garden Update

As you may know, we have an Association Garden, and it is fully underway and sprouting with cherry tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini and other yummy veggies! The garden is located behind the 29 Lombard building, and is being tended by staff, individuals in our Residential Homes, OTC students and any willing individuals from other programs. The fresh produce that sprouts from our garden will be taken to our six Residential Homes and then divided up and delivered to the staff and programs who assist in tending the garden.

Thanks goes to our Shared Living Coordinator, Sarah Heidorf, who took on this side project herself. Sarah also arranged to get seedlings from the Co-operative Extension in Presque Isle as well as a grant from ACAP to assist in the purchasing of other items, such as peat moss and fertilizer. Tom Powers, one of our all-doing grounds & maintenance staff, built the beautiful raised bed the garden rests in.
Thank you to everyone who has assisted Sarah in her efforts and to all who plan to assist in tending the garden. You are welcome to be a part of our joint effort! For more info contact Sarah at 764-0134, extension 234 or at sharedliving1@ainop.com.
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