Central Aroostook ARC Established in 1959
"Making a difference for people with developmental disabilities"

Changes For County Box & Pallet

County Box & Pallet, one of Central Aroostook ARC's businesses, moved to a brand new location at 95 Houlton Road in Presque Isle. The move took place over the last weekend in April and reopened on Tuesday, May 1. CB&P is owned and operated by Central Aroostook ARC and its primary function is to make and refurbish wooden pallets. Previously located on Missile Street near the Northern Maine Regional Airport, the company's new location is larger, better ventilated, brighter, cleaner and easier for the public to locate. Employees are happy with the new building and have found that work is more enjoyable in the new environment.

To go along with the change in location, Central Aroostook ARC has also welcomed Reno Boucher on board as County Box & Pallet's new plant manager. Reno is looking forward to the challenge of his position. His previous work experience has given him the skills necessary to lead and manage County Box & Pallet well into the future. The agency is excited to welcome him to their team.
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