Central Aroostook ARC Established in 1959
"Making a difference for people with developmental disabilities"

Longtime Employee Appreciation

On Thursday, June 21, Central Aroostook Association held an event to recognize the individuals who have worked for the organization for 20 years or more - sixteen people in all, seven of which still work for the nonprofit. The sum of their total time dedicated to the agency amounts to over 400 years. A list of the honored individuals is below.

Merle Antworth, Evelyn Cyr, Irene Dafonte, Carolyn Deschesne, Pamela Dyer (posthumously), Katie Endy, Virginia Forbes (posthumously), Kelly Gagnon, Kathi Howlett, Sally Lewin, Josette Madore, Alice Malloch, Barb McNeal, Pam Powers, Steve Richard and Mike Samon

Twelve of the individuals listed above were able to be at the ceremony and BBQ that followed. During the ceremony, Steve Richard, Executive Director of Central Aroostook Association, spoke about each individual as they were being handed their gift from the Board of Directors. In addition to this token, each individual has had a young maple tree planted in their honor on the grounds of the Lombard location as well as a nameplate with their name and length of service on a beautiful plaque that is also located on the grounds.

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